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The Committee is serviced by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, which was established in 1962 to support the work of the Committee and implement a multifaceted programme that covers the legal, scientific and political aspects of space-related activities. The Committee meets annually in Vienna, Austria, to discuss questions relating to current and future activities in space. Topics for discussion include maintaining outer space for peaceful purposes, safe operations in orbit, space debris, space weather, the threat from asteroids, the safe use of nuclear power in outer space, climate change, water management, global navigation satellite systems, and questions concerning space law and national space legislation.

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  1. Barbara Riedler 18. June 2019 at 10:18 - Reply

    With 92 members of the Committe on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space – COPUOS and a lot of external visitors it was a great event meet people and to promote CopHub.AC and the Copernicus Academy!

    On Tuesday June 18 a technical presentation on behalf of Austria for the Working group on the Space2030 Agenda was given entitled “The Copernicus Academy – space hub for knowledge exchange, innovation and outreach” and raised awareness. We will hopefully have soon more registrated members of the Copernicus Academy!

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