Creating an inspiring mosaic of distributed expertise

Our CopHub.AC Gateway is a searchable inventory of the Copernicus Academy members facilitating the sharing of institutional information, educational offers, primary application fields, and methodological core competences;

Exchanging novel ideas and innovating tools

Our Thematic Working Groups  capitalize on the excellence of the Academy members and unleash innovation potential, the thematic working groups identify priority themes of new research foci as well as primary target audiences;

Stimulating interaction and boosting the uptake of Copernicus products

Our CopHub.AC Citizen App is an interactive app making both research capacities and existing Copernicus information layers accessible for the public and thus ensuring citizens’ involvement.

Recognizing and rewarding the outstanding

Our Awards and Grants foster innovative research and fruitful cooperation.

Equipping the young generation with a future-oriented skillset

Our Training offers will engage students and young people in multidisciplinary research and inspiring lab and field studies.

Presenting the Innovations of CopHub.AC at the 2019 European Space Week