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The ERC aims to design and deliver an information day in the framework of an educational workshop which will be addressed to students of ages 15 to 18 years, both from public and private schools. The ERC, already has previous experience in successfully supporting schools participating in national and European research competitions, encouraging students to become young researchers. Moreover, the Eratosthenes Research Centre has participated in Science Cafes, Researchers’ Night events; and carried out multiple school visits during which the activities of the ERC were communicated to students.

During the RSCy2019, a series of specific case studies will be presented by members of the CopHub.AC consortium. Various stations will be set up based on the Copernicus services, such as Marine monitoring, Land monitoring, etc.; and Cultural Heritage, which students attending the event will be able to visit. The objective is to inform the students about the use of Copernicus Data and promote the cultivation of Earth Observation culture!

Students will be offered a first introduction in the opportunities available by the set of data available from the Copernicus missions, such as Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2. Following the presentations, the students will have the opportunity to test the knowledge they acquired through an informative game-based learning platform.

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