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The Coordination & Support Action CopHub.AC strives to develop and recommend certain elements to support the effective operationalisation of the Academy. To act as the knowledge and innovation hub of the Copernicus Ecosystem, the collective expertise of its members is called for. Towards this objective, the establishment of thematic working groups is envisaged.

The Copernicus Academy Working Groups will initially focus on the six Core Services themes: Atmosphere, Marine, Land, Climate Change, Security and Emergency. The definition of additional horizontal or trans-thematic working groups will be discussed. The general objective of the working groups is to capitalise on the excellence of the Copernicus Academy members to inform the general public, businesses, public authorities and other Copernicus stakeholders in a systematic way about the state-of-the-art and un-tap innovation potentials in their thematic areas. Working group members may launch project ideas and initiatives to be further developed in the frame of the Copernicus Academy, support the Entrusted Entities and the Copernicus Core Services domains with scientific advice, discuss the uptake and commercialisation of research findings and provide expert advice in thematic areas.

In the long-run, the working groups may become fundamental elements of a future Copernicus Academy Hub, to foster exchange and collaboration among the Copernicus Academy members and may even lead to the establishment of thematic Commissions.

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