Partnership Award – Academia-Industry

EARSC in cooperation with CopHub.AC is running a new competition to recognise and reward outstanding collaboration in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake.

Specifically, Academia and Companies (in partnership) will be encouraged to submit a proposal for cooperation or present an already established collaboration achievement “from Research & Development to Innovation & Market”. The winner partnership will be promoted by EARSC and receive guidance on how to embed that cooperation into EuroGEOSS.


  • partnerships must include at least one academic institution and at least one company (entries open to Copernicus Academy and EO service companies, collaboration is an asset)
  • demonstrated forward thinking cooperation bringing research product into operational procedures (i.e, validated methodology from research & innovation to commercialisation)
  • sound sustainability plan supporting the “must go beyond financial support” (i.e, validated sustainability approach aspects: technical, financial, legal, organizational, operational and scheduling)
  • basis of evidence for successful R&D/ industry partnership incorporating the case into an institution’s planning and goal-setting processes (i.e, validated internal procedures of engagement)
  • contribution to the overall advancement of teaching and learning of EO concepts (i.e, validating how to present and communicate the case for awareness and outreach purposes)


Deadline entries & guidance: 31st May 2019
Selection: files will be judged to select the overall winner (early June 2019)
Announcement: EARSC cocktail & AGM 2019 (June 20th 2019, Brussels)
Template: Download

Examples of possible contributions include identifying ideas, providing leadership by, and exhibiting communicative enthusiasm between communities from Academia/industry in forging a path forward in an area which impacts R&I towards commercialization of Copernicus services.

The competition will run until 31st May 2019 during which time partnership candidates may adapt an existing partnership concept, develop a new one or simply promote one they have already exploited. Partnership teams will be asked to provide a short summary (report should not exceed 2 full pages) which will be used as statement for the jury and they should apply as Title: [Partnership Award: Name] to

The Jury Partnership 2019 will be composed by CopHubAC academia and SME partners, ESA, EC and Industry experts.