The future Copernicus Academy hub shall foster and link ongoing R&D&I activities in all Copernicus-relevant academic fields and thematic areas. The following innovation components of the hub are implemented:

  • CopHub.AC Gateway – a searchable inventory of the Copernicus Academy members facilitating the sharing of institutional information, educational offers, primary application fields, and methodological core competences;
  • Research and innovation highlights – a revised version of existing research briefs highlighting Copernicus-related research output as well as the readiness and innovation level of services, including user-specific needs and a shared understanding of taxonomy. This component, following the concept of an Innovation Pipeline, has a useful communication function to industry and authorities;
  • Thematic Working Groups – to capitalize on the excellence of the Academy members and unleash innovation potential, the thematic working groups identify priority themes of new research foci as well as primary target audiences;
  • Knowledge Landscape – an analytical tool to illustrate and search distributed capacities – application and methodology – within the Copernicus Academy. Based on information collected through the gateway, the thematic working groups, research briefs, and user-specific information, it will be possible to stimulate collaboration within the ecosystem while opening the door for non-scientists to be informed about the benefits of space-derived information;
  • CopHub.AC Citizen App – an interactive app making both research capacities and existing Copernicus information layers accessible for the public and thus ensuring citizens’ involvement.

Presenting the Innovations of CopHub.AC at the 2019 European Space Week