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Equity-free funding and support for SMEs innovating in food, energy or environment: PARSEC Open Call 2

The PARSEC Accelerator Open Call 2 is launched!

The second PARSEC Open Call “Call for consortia” aims to find the best 15 consortia that will join the PARSEC second stage and receive 100.000€ each (maximum 50.000€ per partner) along with business support services and see their products or services launched into the market.

Supported by the PARSEC Accelerator, the interested innovators are invited to network with the #100PARSEC first stage winners to form cross-border and/or cross-sectoral consortia of 2-4 members to develop an EO-based solution for food, energy or environment. The leader of each eligible consortium has to be one of the #100PARSEC. Each consortium can apply to the PARSEC Accelerator Open Call 2 and defend their business idea in front of a jury of experts at the PARSEC Demo Days. Potential applicants can find the most suitable partner(s) among the #100PARSEC by joining for free the 100PARSEC in the online matchmaking space in Brella via registration, here (an invitation will be sent maximum 48 hours after registration).

The PARSEC Open Call 2 application period is open from the 30th of March until the 20th of June 2020 at 17:00 CET and includes the PARSEC Demo Days planned for the 2nd-3rd of July 2020, where the teams will pitch their business solutions.

For more information you can watch the PARSEC Info webinar on Open Call 2 on YouTube here:

CoRdiNet second call for expressions for interest to advance digitalisation through Copernicus data and services

The Horizon2020 CoRdiNet Project invites external partners to propose activities that focus on tapping into new user groups and topics with the objective to expand the use of Copernicus and advance digitalisation. Topics could address artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things, smart kitchen, applications for older people etc.

Projects should contribute to make the Copernicus ecosystem, both, at the demand and supply sides of the value chain, more transparent and enhance a systematic dialogue between users and solution providers. Projects shall foster engaging Copernicus users (e.g. local, regional or national public authorities with specific observation and reporting needs) and Copernicus added-value service providers (SMEs, research institutes, etc.) capable of providing Copernicus based solutions to those needs.

Selected projects will be supported by the CoRdiNet’s funds with a maximum of 5.000 EUR (five thousand Euro) per Project.

More information can be found here

Click here for the submission form

Time Schedule:

Publication date: 03/12/2019

Submission deadline: 15/02/2020

Project evaluation: about mid Feb. 2020 to end of March 2020

Projects selected: Planning is until 10/04/2020

Project results and outputs: Expected until 30/06/2020

Applications submitted before the deadline will be tried to evaluate and inform earlier.

Partnership Award ‘from Research to Market’ 2020

Following the success of last year Award and with strong collaboration with the CopHub.AC project, EARSC is running the “partnership” competition recognising and rewarding outstanding collaboration in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake. Specifically, Academia and Companies (in partnership) will be encouraged to submit a proposal for cooperation or present an already established collaboration achievement “from Research to Market”. The winner partnership will be recognized and promoted by EARSC. We are studying the possibility to Network and Showcase their partnership @ the EXPANDEO Exhibition (17-18 June, 2020 in Brussels).

Deadline entries: End April 2020

More information can be found here


On the 20th of September 2019, the PARSEC Accelerator launched its first Open Call for applications. The Accelerator invites all SMEs, start-ups and aspiring founders keen to develop Earth Observation1-based innovations for the Food, Energy or Environment sectors to apply. Applications should be submitted before the 20th of December 2019 at 17:00 CET. Winners of this Open Call will receive €10.000 equity-free funding and access the PARSEC Accelerator business ecosystem and support services.

Additional information on how to apply and about PARSEC can be found here:

Partnership Award – Academia-Industry

The EARSC annual cocktail was held in the Museum of Natural Sciences of Brussels. Standing between the exoskeletons of long extinct creatures we were happy to celebrate our ‘not so old in comparison’ 30 years anniversary. The highlight of our 2019 anniversary cocktail was the award ceremony. The new award was dedicated to remarkable Partnership between a public institution and a private company and given out in cooperation with CopHub.AC.

Under the CopHub.AC project EARSC was running this new competition to recognise and reward outstanding collaboration in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake. Specifically, Academia and Companies (in partnership) have been encouraged to submit a proposal for cooperation or present an already established collaboration achievement. An independent jury awarded Orbital EO Solutions, SeaPulse, Valencia University (IPL) & Go Hub with first place. This partnership worked on a project with the aim to design and implement a satellite-based monitoring system for oil spills and plastic pollution in the region of Central America.